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BEHIND THE CRIMINAL VEIL: the lucifereans who shape our lives

Please awake to the evil element attempting to dictate and influence every single aspect of our lives. Through the corona hoax and Bill Gate's long standing involvement in helping shape the New World Order we can see many connections. It's all right here for us in plain sight. But do you want to see it?

The video I recommend at the end is a work by StrangerThanFiction YouTube channel. I think he does amazing work and please consider supporting him. I highly recommend this particular video and find it undeniably truthful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkgGGudOWNo In this video you will get a greater understanding of the conspiracy afoot to shape every aspect of your life. Btw: the title of this recommended video: Inside the Vatican - beyond the forbidden veil - is a bit misleading and probably only to avoid YT censorship - the video is much more about the NWO and very minimally about the role the vatican plays in this).

Please consider these things and ask yourself and God what you can do about it? I'd urge you to not take these things laying down.

#coronavirus #covid19 #nwo #coronahoax #flatearth

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By RoninYeti

Great video!!

By thanksmia

I just donated 1.010101 TUBEs ($ 1000000000000000000000000.00 USD)

By fil_bell

Love your vids, very informative.......cheers fella

By TrumanShowNews

Great work brother, keep it up.