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Earn bitcoin uploading and sharing your images. at file.army


Earn bitcoin uploading and sharing your images and your YouTube video . at file.army .

if you join dont for gt to follow and like https://file.army/booyaka and i will do the same for you

All payments are sent using BitcoinWallet join https://booyakamix.bitcoinwallet.com/

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By ShakmGaming

Interesting. In case anyone wants to know, this is their monetization scheme (from their FAQ):

Q. How much can I earn?

A. All earnings are paid using the bitcoin global currency (one bitcoin is currently worth $7089). The quality of each user's traffic is graded over time. Users producing high quality traffic can earn higher rates.

We don't want to lose money from fake traffic so we are cautious with new users. New users start off as Corporals. Users can get promoted or demoted depending on the quality of their traffic.

Rates & Ranks

  • Emperor $1 per 750 views $1 per 50 likes $1 per 5 followers $5,000 per day
  • General $1 per 1,000 views $1 per 60 likes $1 per 10 followers $500 per day
  • Colonel $1 per 1,500 views $1 per 70 likes $1 per 15 followers $200 per day
  • Captain $1 per 2,000 views $1 per 80 likes $1 per 20 followers $100 per day
  • Chief $1 per 2,500 views $1 per 90 likes $1 per 30 followers $8 per day
  • Sergeant $1 per 3,000 views $1 per 100 likes $1 per 40 followers $4 per day
  • Corporal $1 per 4,000 views $1 per 100 likes $1 per 50 followers $2 per day
  • Mercenary $1 per 10,000 views $1 per 1,000 likes $1 per 500 followers $1 per day
  • Plebian $1 per 100,000 views $1 per 10,000 likes $1 per 1,000 followers $1 per day

Rates can change at any time based on market conditions and the quality of your traffic. Users producing high quality traffic can earn higher rates. If our system detects poor quality traffic you will be demoted in rank and rates. Take this as a warning, permanent suspensions are possible.