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MORE ON THE CORONA HOAX - The Tell Tale HOAX signs are all here.... and their Agendas are becoming more and more clear

American's are being played like a cheap fiddle with this corona hoax.... and now the criminals in charge are going to rescue companies they are bankrupting in exchange for ownership of these companies. This is a classic communist move. WAKE UP FOLKS..... this is a total HOAX event and ALL RIGHTS and ALL LIBERTIES are about to be taken from us. This is a collusion of many nations using the regular actors on the world stage #coronahoax


  1. Russianvids - 2 channels - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6WkBqH-hs4

and: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrnD03UYC_k&t=919s

@russianvids and @russianvids on twitter

  1. Richifromboston - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UN0yb4BnCRw


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By chfalke

This is a test for what is about to come and we the people are just sheep. Dont be a sheep wake up.

By chfalke

only fake actors or people faking it for a free money ride ohh please give me money

By chfalke

who the fuck takes selfies while possible death in the hospital. Why is selfie garbage even out it used to be laughed at

By RoninYeti

I love a man that can play the game "Name the Jew." Takes balls, my friend.

By VladonFlatEarth

Funny how only government has "the test" for "corona" and only their tests can show it. Hoax after hoax, is this our reality? And people think they live in a free country? Bill Gates will save them this time...lol Thank you good man!!

By the pink panther

Thoroughly enjoyed, calling out the true culprits and taking no prisoners ! I believe they do have faith, in the mystery Babylonian religions and the Kabbalah , all mixed in with some more satanism like Pike, Alistair Crowley and Sabatteanism.. Their time will come ... enjoy the sun and cervezas!

By JoshuaAtiemo3

Just Donated 2.51TUBES From Joshua Atiemo for this post: https://bittube.tv/post/a70737dd-1f0d-4a80-8476-c2ae2bfb46c7

By JoshuaAtiemo3

Am a fan and a Flat Earther as well (Probably the only Ghanaian Flat Earther) Having issues with my account so am notifying of my donation to this video hoping to see more great content like this.

By cryptoyogi

great Vid. Don It's the fear, they create that brings on the big death toll.