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And That Was The Day Bill Gates Decided To Murder All Of Humanity 🤣

And that was the day Bill Gates decided to murder all of humanity. 🤣

But who's Bill Gates? You know, the billionaire madman who said this, "If we do a really great job on new vaccines we could lower the total human population by perhaps 15%" at a TEDtalk 6 years ago when he casually talked about culling 1 BILLION people!

The fact that Bill Gates is a fanatic of population control is no secret at all. He openly talks about it all the time.

And the same guy who wants to depopulate the world also owns a vaccine company and wants to stick a needle in everyone's arm before they're allowed to have their freedoms back.

For decades, the powerful propaganda machinery of the banking class has been pedestalizing Bill Gates as a billionaire philanthropist genius who invented Microsoft and wishes to help humanity. But Bill Gates is neither a genius inventor nor interested in the wellbeing of the working class and the poor. He was born into the 1% from a father who rubbed shoulders with central banking elites like the Rockefellers. Bill's grandfather was the president of the Federal Reserve Bank in Seattle. Bill's mother came from a long line of money and power as the daughter of a wealthy banker and the granddaughter of the president of the national city bank of Seattle and the director of the Seattle branch of the Federal Reserve. Bill Gates simply used his parent's money to pay the company that stole the DOS from its original inventor Gary Kildall. Bill also tried to conspire against his own partner Paul Allen by cunningly reducing his shares at Microsoft when Paul was ill!

Bill Gates has been regularly appearing on corporate media to reaffirm his position that the Nazi powers that politicians now have will NEVER end unless everyone on Earth is forcefully vaccinated for the virus that he has been planning for and warning about for years. Yes, the same guy who made the world's first computer virus to sell the antivirus and who's currently in the business of viruses and vaccines is promising the whole world a mandatory vaccine. And the worst part about this mandatory vaccine is that it will permanently modify the human organism and create a new generation of GMO humans. So if you're against GMO food but don't mind becoming a GMO product yourself, then clearly, you're a buffoon! Even more sinister, these "Humans 2.0" can be patented and owned by corporations as property.

Five years ago at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, Bill Gates warned the world of a deadly coronavirus pandemic that could kill over 30 million people. In the same year of that speech, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates vowed that they would not give up on their goal to implement population control ("Family Planning" in doublespeak) on 120 million women worldwide by 2020.

Not only has he been warning for years about a deadly coronavirus outbreak that would kill millions of people, but he also ran a coronavirus simulation a couple of months before the outbreak in Wuhan. Scientists funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation simulated a global coronavirus pandemic that was dubbed Event 201, and it showed that a coronavirus outbreak could potentially kill hundreds of millions of people under the right circumstances. Moderna, which is one of the vaccine companies that developed and patented a COVID19 vaccine, is funded by Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is a known eugenicist who actively pursues population control through vaccinations and drugs around the globe. His obsession with population control, sterilization, and abortion is inspired by his father, who was the head of Planned Parenthood. Hundreds of thousands of children in Africa and Asia died or were crippled by vaccine experiments conducted on them through corporations funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Most often, these vaccines have been used as a trojan horse by Bill Gates to satisfy his obsession with population control.

For example, under the guise of eradicating neonatal tetanus, a

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