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THE GAME OF LIFE: Can we return to the GARDEN OF EDEN? (2020)

#christianity #gardenofeden

HUMAN X | S7 - E11


with Gyan

According to the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden - the Garden was designed as a phase of INNOCENCE - once you leave the Garden - IT’S OVER. Once the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge has been taken, it takes man and woman on a journey of learning and discovering the truth, and the only way to return is as a fully grown human being. But you’re no longer the same as before, you’re no longer a child! Going out of the Garden means innocence is over.

The question is - as much as something triggered the leaving of the Garden, what triggers the return? What causes man and woman - who are drunk with desire and ignorance - to wake up? What makes consciousness awaken within them?

Last but not least, how can we take the study of this story and all the big metaphysical concepts that come with it, and bring it back DOWN TO EARTH - into our day to day existence with all that this entails? That’s KEY. How are all these deep principles held together and contained HERE? How can this Power of Life empower me right here ON EARTH?


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