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Starship Is ENGINEERING GENIUS & The Best Starcraft Ever Made!


Special Thanks to these people for theire awesome SpaceX Animations. Check out their channel!

ErcXSpace - https://bit.ly/3ewi3eT​

Smallstars - https://bit.ly/2Q37M0d​

SpaceX Vision - https://bit.ly/3bw0nOD​

Hazegrayart - https://bit.ly/2R5lqjU​

Jochem Laurenssen - https://bit.ly/3xVRt6l​

Evan Karen - https://bit.ly/2RyXzce​

Hansen Space - https://bit.ly/3bdXm5n​


​ - ​ - Introduction

​ - ​ - Starship Overview

​ - 03: 48 - The Construction of Starship

​ - ​ - Inside Starship

​ - ​ - What will Starship be used for?

​ - ​ - Is there enough Money for this?

​ -

​ - Conclusion

There have been many spaceships over the years but the best one made so far has to be SpaceX’s Starship. Why is it so great, however?

Starship Overview

It all started back in October of 2001. Elon Musk went to Russia and wanted to buy old decommissioned missiles in the hopes of making them into rockets for going to Mars someday. This was before Musk’s SpaceX existed and had achieved all its successes it has today so Musk simply looked crazy to Russia. They turned him down and he instead founded SpaceX and began building rockets for a fraction of the price. After a number of prototypes and designs, the company began testing Starship prototypes in January of 2020. The first four of these tests resulted in explosions but each one achieved new milestones in the spacecraft’s development. Now SpaceX is scheduled to work towards conducting an orbital Starship flight by July of this year. Starship is launched into orbit by a massive rocket called the Superheavy--more on that later--and when combined, this two-stage rocket will measure 120 meters in height and will be the world’s most powerful launch vehicle ever developed, period.

The Construction of Starship

One huge element of Starship is that it uses stainless steel in its rockets instead of aluminum. A big question that gets raised is why SpaceX chose to use stainless steel. Aluminum is both lighter and cheaper to send to space, but one big element is assisted by stainless steel. That thing is temperature tolerance.

Starship wants to be an interplanetary vehicle and this means it’ll need to be able to stand freezing and hot temperates when it ascends and descends into planetary atmospheres multiple times. As it turns out, this is where stainless steel shines, as it has a particularly good tolerance to temperature varieties that many other materials can’t compete with. This temperature tolerance is the key to going to Mars and wouldn’t be achievable with aluminum.

When Starship enters Mars’ incredibly thin atmosphere, it will do so in such a way that the amount of drag is increased to slow the vehicle down as it falls. With drag comes heat and SpaceX aims to cool Starship’s descent with a liquid methane pump underneath the Starship’s surface, which will essentially fight back against the heat similar to how humans sweat hot temperatures. This stainless steel and the technology paired with it is just astonishing and a major aspect of the construction that illustrates why Starship is so incredible. Things that could only be dreamed of a couple of decades ago now are in actual operation and have been tested to confirm they function properly!

Another amazing aspect of Starship is how the rockets are reusable. A major reason rockets can be so expensive is their lack of reusability. For decades rockets were something that was used once to launch ships into space. SpaceX set out with a focus on reusability which creates affordability. If a rocket can be reused multiple times it becomes a great deal more cost-effective. The raptor rockets are all reusable and this allows Superheavy and Starship to be used as many times as could be needed, saving a lot of money and being more environmentally friendly. These reusable ships don’t have much of a downtime either. It is possible for a Starship to launch, the reusable superheavy to return to Earth, and then after about an hour of getting it prepped and r

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