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@Amazing Glory & Grace...

A Voice in the Desert Live Stream on Hearing from God. 59:11

In this livestream, I talk about how to hear from God. No, this is not about going insane and hearing voices… although that may be part of it! I talk about how each one of you CAN hear God’s voice and give you some practical tips on how to do it, including the concept of “listening times”.  


Others also had a chance to share a little of what they have experienced. In particular, I asked to hear brief stories from you on when God (through whatever means) challenged you in a way you never expected.  1. What means did God use to speak to you? 2. What was the thing He challenged you to do? 3. How did you respond? - Voice

Topic Menu Below:

0:00​ introduction

4:50​ 8 ways God speaks

6:55​ our conscience

9:25​ godly advice

11:40​ direct revelations

18:20​ circumstances

21:00​ coincidences

24:00​ desires

26:45​ miracles/signs

31:40​ testimony from Derek

32:40​ Eucharist

35:30​ testimony from sister

39:00​ God speaking through a book

41:00​ praying & asking for faith

43:00​ doing what we don't want

43:30​ prayer for wisdom

44:20​ struggle to hear

47:35​ another testimony

48:35​ a dream

49:10​ leading to channel

52:40​ desire for Russia

53:10​ living by faith

56:30​ the comforter

58:45​ conclusion

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