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Libra disclosing dozens of partnerships with the major industries on Payments, Blockchain, Telecoms...

#LibraCoin or is it #fbCoin ? Whitepaper Live: http://bit.ly/2RuD8cx Disclosing partnerships with the major industries on Payments, Blockchain, Telecoms... Who's excited for this? I have mixed feelings tbh 😳

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By viraldrome

I can already do facebook to facebook transactions with TUBE

By JohnBlaze

I think this is good for a few reasons.

Firstly providing on ramps growing the potential investor base. Coinbase will almost certainly list trading pairs against all their coins. If the stable coin is popular with facebooks users then that could be a huge number of people that with a click of a button can easily send money to buy other crypto.

By JohnBlaze

FBcoin on Coinbase 👀👀👀 thats a gateway to 2 billion users.

A good tweet I saw yesterday


1998. A guy has heard how great the internet is, but never used it. Joins his company's closed intranet. Thinks it's ok but wonders, is this all there is? Friend says no, there's a lot more, here sign up with this ISP. Guy joins the real internet. #FacebookCoin #Bitcoin #onramp