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Oqular Clip - Let's reinvent eyewear protection

OQular clip - Eyewear protection reimagined Convenient, versatile, slim and sleek lens cover for ALL your eyewear. Protect your lenses from being scratched, no matter where you put them. Cases are just too big and bulky to carry comfortably. NOT designed for the modern day lifestyle. Prescription glasses and sunglasses are expensive! Looking through a pair of scratched lenses is not only annoying but potentially dangerous. A hand made, stylish lens protector that’s so small it can be carried on your keys, or in the smallest of bags. Never again feel stressed about scratching your favourite pair of eyewear! The perfect combination between style, convenience and great protection. Designed to be used for both glasses and sunglasses, perfectly sized to fit most shapes or styles, big or small. 1mm magnets on each side of the clip keep them lightly gripped to your glasses. The soft material inside makes sure the lens is protected on both sides. It's best to use several pairs, wherever you many need them. Keep a pair in your gym bag, work desk, coffee table, study bag or partners house. Personally I love to carry them on my keys but others prefer to clip it easily on their jeans pocket, carry it in their purse, small bag or even on a string around their neck. The two OQ clips will always stick together by the magnets so there is no chance of losing one! Keep a pair on your car keys to use when driving and swapping from sunglasses to driving glasses. Other people like to clip them on their clothes. Once attached to your glasses you can put them anywhere, upside down on the table, in a bag full of sharp things. They will always be protected. OQular Clip is so thin it will fit into the smallest of bags. Perfect if heading out for the night! Designed and styled with simplicity at mind. Every pair will come with a metal ring for your keys. Being magnetic also means that they can happily stick to any metal surface, from a fridge door to super cool magnetic wooden block that's perfect for holding your keys. The magnets keep them safe and stuck together making sure that they don't come apart. In 2017 I challenged myself to create eyewear protection that was easy to carry and always with me. What better way than making them into a keyring. I'm never without my keys which means I NEVER need to remember a case for for my glasses. Designed for everyone young or old who wear glasses or sunglasses regularly. The parent, the student, the professional, the gym goer, the traveller, the book worm. Anyone who wears glasses or sunglasses on a regular basis can benefit from a pair of OQular Clips. A simple innovative solution to a very annoying problem. We live a busy lifestyle, constantly moving between work, gym, family, studying, travelling and much more. It’s difficult to always remember your glasses case where ever you go. They fit perfectly with small, medium and large lenses, any shape and size of lens up to 58mm in width and 50mm in height. For anything bigger they will cover the majority of the lens, the main part you look through and need to protect the most. Sadly they won't work as well for wrap around sunnies, but let's face it, they are so 2001! OQular clip comes in a variety of different colours to suit everyone's needs. Black, grey, pink, green, beige and white. You can even mix and match if you pledge for a twin pack or more.


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