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The Spider Knows Not Why He Weaves His Web

Here's an old video I did back in September of 2010. Some thoughts on free will and intention. Glad to be sharing this on #BitTube!

An interesting thought... does a spider understand why it weaves a web? An even more interesting thought - if a spider only weaves a web out of pure instinct and doesn't understand the correlation between weaving a web and catching food to stay alive, is it possible that we, as humans, do things which we don't understand the meaning behind?

I suppose this question has its roots in the "Free Will" debate. We have the gift of reason, but is it possible that even with reason as our guide, we don't really understand the underlying motives behind our own actions?

I'd really like to hear what you think, either in the form of comments or (more preferably) a video response.

#Spider #Speculation #Philosophy



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By crystalcasey

As for humans, I read somewhere recently that only about 30% of us are self aware. The rest are an autopilot. Absolutely frightening thought.

By crystalcasey

It's hard to know how a spider's mind works. He may be operating at the level of pure consciousness like some little Zen master or maybe he simply knows consequence/reward, i.e. web = reward, no web = no food...

By Bucks2Bits

Love can only be freely given, that is why we have free will. It is impossible to force someone to love you or show you love. If you spend 80-100 years rejecting God, don't be surprised when He rejects you. Repent and believe the gospel.🙌

By CapDragon9

So the spider subconsciously communicates with its dna which tells the spider to spin the web because it is the path to a long successful and fruitful life. The spider does it because it seeks the same basic necessities as any life form.

By CapDragon9

Whereas for other men could be more instinctively driven to reproduction, or finding peace and solitude. Intuition could be information in our dna passed down through all of time. All living organisms would have it, including spiders.

By CapDragon9

It is also to be said however, that intuition is something that varies from organism to organism. For some men for example, instincts for control and domination would be strong.

By CapDragon9

Einstein argued that intuition was our most important trait. Intuition and instincts go hand in hand. I would say the spider doesn't care to know why it spins it's web, it just does it because it's following it's intuition.