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Things That Make Me Go Hmm - 'Armed Deserter' - rapid reload?

As it happened both myself and armsquad verbally wtf'd at how fast these two shots were fired.

Watching the video it still seems too fast.

Calculating the difference between timestamps that I marked by stepping through at individual frames on the 60fps video... it seems a little less bullshit.

...But how fast DOES the neostead re-chamber?

(I haven't actually checked)

#battlefieldbadcompany2, BFBC2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, BETLOG_2019

# # frames immediately prior to death message text beginning to appear

# -ss 00:00:03.933

# -to 00:00:04.833

# 00:00:00.922 (0.922s)

# # frames immediately prior to armsquad nametag vanishing and my camera being reset to pre-turn position (happens when killed by lower pinger)

# -ss 00:00:02.966

# -to 00:00:03.866

# 00:00:00.822 (0.822s)

# # manually pausing video at ear-estimated peak of shotgun blast sound

# -ss 00:00:03.283

# -to 00:00:04.083

# 00:00:00.922 (0.922s)

2020-08-30--13-41-21.764_BattlefieldBadCompany2_h264-qp18_00:04:30-00:04:37_'Armed Deserter'-rapidReload_timestampOverlayed.mp4

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