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The Egghead Known As "The Rock" Told His Pack Of Sheeple Today To Vote For Biden

The egghead known as "the rock" told his pack of sheeple today to vote for a scumbag politician with half a functioning brain. And why would a steroid-infested actor be involved in politics? Well, because Hollywood is a political organization, you dummy!

Hollywood exists to desensitize the American public. Violence and gore are the bread and butter of the propaganda machine that's Hollywood. Glorifying and normalizing violence to the public is as old as the movie business itself.

No wonder the American people are completely desensitized about the American Empire's neverending warfare around the globe. It's exactly the same kind of hypnosis the Nazi propaganda put the German public under to manufacture consent for perpetual wars.

Put ANYTHING under a good spotlight, and you're guilty of promoting it. And Hollywood is guilty of promoting war and violence.

And now one of the leading TV puppets who spent his career promoting and glorifying violence in his WWE and movie career now comes along and endorses one of the top candidates of the military-industrial complex.

And the brainless shameless sheeple who sheer for steroids -infested puppets like Dwane Jonson will line up like cattle to vote for their political oppressors in a few weeks.

If you ever voted for a lawmaker (aka politician), you're obviously a brainless shameless sheeple. I won't waste a minute of my time trying to talk some sense into the few cubic centimeters of brain cells inside your thick head. You've been completely and irreversibly brainwashed thanks to the years you spent in indoctrination centers (schools in doublespeak) and countless hours of exposure to corporate media's powerful propaganda machinery. If you ever voted for a politician, you're pathetic. The system cannot be fixed by the system. THE SYSTEM IS THE PROBLEM, you fool!

You can't simply rage against the system by voting for the system in a system designed by the system. Don't vote, revolt. Every vote hurts. Revolution is the only solution.

Please stop watching TV and grow a brain. Please research what central banks and fiatmoney are and discover the truth about money. Because it's the banks who control the world and puppeteer all governments and corporations. Revolt against the puppeteers, not the puppets.

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