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I DRINK BLEACH (and more corona hoax updates)

I seriously drink what many people call bleach. Truth in plain site when Trump says all you need is some disinfectant to knock out this cold. LOL! But the sheeple will bury this truth upon the satanic media's orders - backed by their studio of 'expert (aka: fraudulent) scientists'.

Today I reveal why I drink bleach and what brand of bleach I drink. I also talk about the news vs the facts and how truth may actually be winning - despite what we see in the phony scumbag run news. Also discussed briefly is Bill Gates, Flat Earth and Cryptocurrency! Get ready to be part of the prosperous and plot your exit from the lemming class today! 

For all my other bittube.video channels i sometimes mention in these vids you guys have to get over to bittube.video. Here is a link to my other 4 channels there: https://bittube.video/accounts/nacho/video-channels

Make and account there and get fully decentralized. I post up there a lot more than here. I have 4 channels there so sub them all or individually: nachodon live, modern speculator, The Way, coronahoax channel

#coronahoax #billgates #bitcoin #hoax #flatearth

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By thinkoutsidetheglobe

not sure about bitube.video. Have being there and looked around, there is nothing happening there my friend...

heheh i know....we need to push it and all that.

Let see how it goes!

I really like the playlist option at bittube.tv i find it more appealing as the entire experience...think i'm gonna stick here for a while

Take care

By thinkoutsidetheglobe

Hey Nacho, here is Dino. Hope you are well man, very well spoken material.

I do drink Borax for the past months and i find it very helpful especially with candida and other gut related issues.

Also, supposingly helps with the nanoparticles that they spray throu the sky, to get rid of them.

If that nanotechnology is what they are saying it is and do to the body...Borax helps to get rid of them!

No matter what, i try to eat as healthy as possible, and drink distilled water!

By fakelivesmatter

I tried to find your other channels but no joy. Can you post links? Also. could you do beginner guide to crypto please😀

By fakelivesmatter

Jesus you had me laugh myself off my seat. This crap is constant. It seems the world is full of liars. hahahahaha

By fil_bell

Love your vids fella, you make it so easy to see through this stuff, keep em coming :-)

By MikeMazzone

I just donated 1.0 TUBEs ($ 0.00 USD)

By hartiberlin

Well siad ! Good commentary !Looking forward to Monday, when we can test out the new Bittube Software...😍