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Barack Obama Is Above The Law

Imagine torturing hundreds of people to death and stand in a court of law and plea guilty. Imagine telling the judge that the crimes you committed happened in the past and you're "more interested in looking forward than looking backwards." What would you expect the judge's verdict to be? Would he give you a high-five for your spirit of moving forward and clear you of any guilt?

Well, that's what Barack Obama is expecting. He openly confessed on national television that he tortured and killed people, but no lawsuit has been filed against him. That tells you something, right? It tells you that politicians are above the law.

How many people did Obama murder? How many lives did he destroy around the globe? How many families did he break apart? How many communities did he impoverish and enslave? Not a dozen, not hundreds, not even thousands, but MILLIONS of lives have been destroyed by monsters like Obama and Bush and Clinton.

Obama spied on 193 countries, maintained a kill list, expanded drone strikes, destroyed Libya, Syria, and Yemen, propped up dictatorships, and locked up more journalists and whistle-blowers than ALL his predecessors COMBINED.

He oversaw 10x more global airstrikes during his presidency than under his predecessor (George W. Bush) and dropped more bombs in his first year than Bush carried out during his entire presidency!

In 2016 alone, Obama's administration dropped at least 26,171 bombs, which means that every day the US military blasted citizens overseas with 72 bombs. That’s three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day!

And after 8 long years of murdering and burglarizing innocent populations around the world, this monster now enjoys all the wealth it brought him while living in an $11.75 million home on 29 acres of land on Martha’s Vineyard island.

Lately, America's politicians have been regurgitating the phrase "no one is above the law," which should insult your intelligence. Politicians are above the law. The banking class is above the law. Even the brainless cops are above the law.

Look at Jeffrey Epstein, for example, who was running a pedophilia ring in the open for decades in New York under the protection of the NYPD, the FBI, the CIA, the judges, and the political class.

Will we ever witness the public hanging of George W Bush and Barack Obama like the Nazi soldiers in the Nuremberg trials after WW2. Why not? Why the double-standard? They're war criminals!

Will we ever see justice? Yes, but not while idiots continue to endorse this rotten system through their votes. These brainwashed idiots who continue to vote in every election must be educated. It's their hands that are enabling mass murderers like Obama and Bush to continue the forever war of the military-industrial complex.

These brainless shameless voters MUST be educated immediately. Everybody and anybody who voted for this monster must be held accountable. The blood of the innocent citizens around the world bombed by Obama's drones is on the hands of everyone who voted for this war criminal.

In 2020, vote for nobody. The system MUST be brought down because the system cannot be fixed by the system. THE SYSTEM IS THE PROBLEM. You can't simply rage against the system by voting for the system in a system designed by the system.

Don't vote, revolt. Every vote hurts.

Revolution is the only solution.

#VoteForNobody #VoteForNobody2020 #TheSystemIsRigged #DontVoteRevolt #EveryVoteHurts #RevolutionIsTheOnlySolution #TheSystemIsTheProblem #ItsTimeToWakeUp #DeleteTheElite #Gerrymandering #Lobbying #LegalBribery #QuentinRBufogle #HillaryClinton #DonaldTrump #USPresidentialElections #AmericanVoters #AmericanVoter





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By djxtremestudios13

lock obama`s ass up fucking traitor