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Working Your Way To Heaven and OSAS Myths

#Christianity #Religion

False teachings permeate all the churches but nothing is as spiritually destructive as these two here. People everywhere talk about how you shouldn't try to "work your way to heaven" or that they don't have to do anything because they're "once saved always saved". Most even share how doing good deeds prevents God's glory and grace from being shown through you because you're doing a good deed! Instead people decide to do nothing because they're afraid God will punish them for doing something good or think they can do all the bad they want because they're guaranteed to go to heaven. This is extremely backwards thinking and these myth's need to be addressed properly.

Please write to my email address on the 'About' section of this channel (found next to "business enquiries").

What is "Beacon of Hope"?

A Beacon of Hope exists to point people to Jesus, the one chosen to bring good news to the poor, freedom to the oppressed, and sight to the blind. Jesus came to preach the Kingdom of God, and that Kingdom is at hand.

Everywhere you look the real Jesus has been left out, forgotten, and ignored. The churches have taken Jesus' name but they have left out his teachings. They are following a false Jesus. We have come to shed light on this fact.

The world grows darker every day. People need a light to guide them out of the darkness. This channel cannot save you, but we can point you to the one who can - Jesus. His truth will set you free. Let's discover his teachings together.




02.STEIN by Waiting for the Word


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04.faith miracle holiness church no. III by valli_mark


05.Thou Art Verbose in Thy Praise by Jason Rinka


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