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10cc - For You and I - 1978 - Frankie Crocker Version from Early VH-1

Frankie Crocker

For You and I is a 10cc single . It comes from their album Bloody Tourists .

The song is about the people who are good always comment on people who have bad and especially in the big context (The world is full of other people, we're quick to laugh when they've got troubles) . One would have to look around a bit more and take account of each other to make this world exist for everyone.

The single with on the b-side I'm Not in Love almost never reached the hit parade.


Eric Stewart - vocals, electric piano , moog , polymoog

Graham Gouldman - six string bass guitar , acoustic and electric guitar, backing vocals

Rick Fenn - moog, electric guitar, background vocals

Stuart Tosh - background vocals

Paul Burgess - percussion , big drum

For You and I is more of a natural successor to 10cc’s work throughout the 70s. This song cleverly shows off the two sides of the band, starting off as a dreamy ballad swamped by synthesizer strings and turning into an all-out guitar-bass-drums pop-rocker on the chorus. Stewart’s tune is winningly inventive and moving, switching naturally between the minor and major keys of the two parts, but it’s his and Gouldmann’s lyrics that bring the song near classic status. An unusual philosophical discourse about the differences between people and how we judge others based on our own criteria, rather than judging them by theirs, the pop structure prevents this rather wordy song getting too clever for itself (and nicely fits this album’s themes of different countries and different cultures). Listen out too for some typically clever 10cc wordplay in amongst all this angst, which is easy to miss first time around: ‘She may not be beautiful but don’t make it plain’ sings Stewart in the second verse, urging his narrator to understand his girlfriend’s fears and insecurities, which seem silly to him when he knows how real his love is for her. The best bit of the song is probably the Moog solo which suddenly appears out of nowhere in the song’s second half, which taps into the song’s hidden melancholy and does its best to sound like the tears welling up in the girlfriend’s eyes. A forgotten highlight of the record, For You And I is a good example of how 10cc – long dismissed by critics as being poppy and frivolous – were perhaps the most moving and quietly serious of Britain’s ‘comedy’ bands.

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