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Here's one of my home 卐

And here i will show you guys how we begin the SS ritual on every single time now .

Before the SS rituals, My Rinpoche and Lama best friends will prepare every ritual items with me,

Including my father Lord Buddhas statue and Swastika 卐 of course .

And then My Rinpoche and Lama best friends will practice the Padmasambhava Vajra Guru Mantra,

And then will take more then 3--6 hours in Meditate (Without any noise),

So, Sometimes i will follow to Meditate, And sometimes i will go out and walking around alone, Then i'll comeback for the begin of SS rituals so soon .

Our SS rituals will be perform few times in every year, It's depend on my Rinpoche and Lama best friends when they've come back again,

And also depend on situation about world of war, (No magic can withstand to our Padmasambhava Vajra Guru Mantra and rituals 卐, The fall of communist and banking system around the world, And the fall of china along with their reptile chinese virus are another great example .

if we aim on the next world war 3 for the wining of Axis Power, It's also about the SS ritual, And the world will)

And after the depopulation of freemasonry communist race to under 30% (The reptile jews/chinese/russian(slavic)/black nigger/Any abrahamic-semitic), After the depopulation of (them), Again, The world will enter to a Golden Age, And we will match through it, At that time, Our Padmasambhava Vajra Guru Mantra and rituals 卐, Will spread all over the whole world, And at that moment, It's not the secret any more 卐

You know, In this life as a mongolian, There is still the hard cost to me for this rituals,

I must not sex before marry (And i never being in love to any girl until now, Maybe after the war, Maybe never after all),

That's why until now i'm still a virgin, And i must always keep myself discipline, Loyalty and promise 卐

And every SS ritual at least last 3 days, So i'll perform it, Even in this life, During the SS rituals memorial day,

Sometime if i feel wanna cry, I'll hiding in some corner,

And i will not cry in front of my Rinpoche and Lama best friends of course,

And, Most of the time, My japanse engineer brother will participate in our SS rituals, And the respect and the salute will always present as well as the Swastika 卐

Here's one of my home 卐

And this is the main hall,There is 8 floors

(Not including the underground floors and Secret passageways) 2:06

At morning, Prepare all the needed ritual items,

(I've already prepared well,The Swastika and the SS Thunder lightning symbol for rituals, I've make it my own at the top balcony) 2:06

Everything triple check,Then head to the bathroom to take a bath 2:12

After i'm take a bath, Dress up, And head to the top balcony for the SS rituals 卐 2:19

He's one of my hall keeper 3:08

Here's my another hall keeper, This one is great for cooking skill, While i'm busy at cooking the traditional Aryan's Vegetarian meal alone for my Rinpoche and Lama best friends, And he will come and help, And he's also prepare the traditional Aryan's Vegetarian meal and soup for me in normal days, While after i'm training outside world and heading back in here . 3:10

Heading to underground dining hall, Has already prepared the traditional Aryan's Vegetarian meal and soup for my Rinpoche and Lama best friends and we eat together . 3:14

Top balcony and my Giant Eagle Garuda, That had always slaughtering the dragons/reptilians

Did you see that? Even his eyes are also blue . 3:40

And here's the library room that i've always reading alone in here 3:59

See that? This our own mongolian original text

Wake up !!!

The reptile chinese and russian(slavic) are always trying to using their language and text to colonize my mongolian people,

Just how to reptile jews who always trying to colonize the white nordic aryan people with the reptiles black nigger and muslim . 4:11

Sleeping at hall sometimes 4:26


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Heading out to airport with my Rinpoche and Lama best friends, To greet another Rinpoche,

And my Swastika 卐 armband are always been prepared . 4:29

Me and my Rinpoche and Lama best friends on the airport, To greet another Rinpoche, All the items prepared well 卐 4:31


All 3 of them are my best friends, The middle one (Rinpoche) who playing my hair,

He is same with me, We both are mongolian, His tribe banner are tiger,

And my tribe banner are eagle, But the Swastika 卐 Are the only for all we mongolian to use 卐 4:46

They said my hair are so naturally soft like a girl, And they're always joke with my hair . 4:48


Sometimes, I will go to my backyard waterfall alone, And Sometime with my japanese engineer brother, For training a while in here 卐 4:56

This is my Japanese engineer brother, I was never introduce him before, So, Some of my German kameraden may ask me,

His name is Yamamoto Akio 山本昭雄, And he is a vegetarian as well 卐 5:03