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Technical - Proton 6.3-1 being garbage for BFBC2

#battlefieldbadcompany2, BFBC2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, BETLOG_2019, Steam, Proton

Here I am trying out the latest Steam/Proton version 6.3-1, and 10 minutes into a very small game on a local Australian server, *just* when I was about to say this Proton is actually pretty good..... it turns into the same gigantic heap of shit as every single other version I have tried, with the single exception of 4.11-9rc; which works pretty well despite clearly not running even remotely as well as it should for a game of this age running on an i9/RTX2060.

I continue to be very disappointed Steam. WTF? Surely this can't effect *only* my proton bc2 experience.

Tell me I'm doing something wrong, and how to trivially rectify this problem so I suddenly have a miraculously improved experience with Proton releases in general... PLEASE.

If it wasn't for spending time figuring out how to explicitly install multiple RCs that aren't listed in the steam interface, then spending hours in each one conducting play-till-it-breaks testing (or you have a stroke from the often subtle input lag/stutter/framerate variances that increase the longer you play), and somehow managing to locate this *single* relatively obscure release candidate.... I'd have never figured that Proton doesn't totally suck for bfbc2.

Steam Version:

If you made the text in the dialog selectable i'd be able to paste all of the various version details... but astoundingly: you don't.

Don't even get me started that every day when steam updates (during a game, despite being explicity told not to) it then displays the 'changes' dialog.. and it's totally black.

Proton Version:


Battlefield Bad Company 2 start parameters: 

DXVK_HUD=fps,gpuload,frametimes,scale=1.0 vblank_mode=1 PROTON_LOG=1 %command%

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For the first time in literally months; today, I can now see the changes dialog text. I wonder how long that will last this time.