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Overweight Guy that SUFFERED from BULLYING Was Mocked by GIRL at SCHOOL! Who He Become After 5 Year

Overweight Guy that SUFFERED from BULLYING Was Mocked by GIRL at SCHOOL! Who He Become After 5 Year. Insane Story!

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An Australian named Anthony Bayer, not just often, but daily was bullied at school, all because of his excess weight. “How they just didn’t call me, just don’t remember everything.” - the guy tells.

"I just couldn’t walk normally along the corridor. There was always someone who was screaming from the other end of the corridor, a piggy or a fatso. At the same time, everyone on the corridor began to laugh. It was very painful."

Naturally, the guy’s relationship with the girls didn’t work out. They were afraid even to speak with him: suddenly someone would see. And once an incident occurred, from which he could not come to his senses for a long time. His acquaintance girl made fun of him.

In his teens, Anthony became addicted to fast food. For breakfast, Anthony ate two hefty meatball sandwiches and washed it all down with a large bottle of Coke. For lunch, the menu included KFS burgers and a packet of ice cream. Anthony’s dinner consisted of two large pizzas and another bottle of cola. In total, about 10,000 calories were running for the guy in a day, and at some point, the guy’s weight reached a maximum: 157 kilograms.

Fatness prevented the guy from communicating normally with people. Anthony admits that in his school years he suffered from low self-esteem and the jokes of others. High school was difficult for a man of his size.

"Children are cruel to those who look different, so I had a hard time."

His relationship with the girls also suffered. The most memorable case greatly influenced Anthony.

“I really liked one girl at school. She was very popular and all the guys thought she was the prettiest in the class. I also thought she was very pretty and I must be crazy, but once I dared, in general, I got up and went up to her to invite to school dances. Then I was finishing school and thought: why not. Naturally, I expected that she would just refuse me immediately or laugh right in the face. Surprisingly, she agreed. I couldn’t believe it. I was so glad, that I bought a new suit, got a haircut, and ordered a limousine. I really wanted to impress her. Before the graduation party, I could not sleep all night. I was preparing for this day for several months. I could not believe that she was coming with me. When that day had come, I drove up to her house, went up to the porch and rang the doorbell. She opened the door, looked into my eyes and said: I'm sorry, but you're too fat to go through the door." And then, she slammed the door right in front of my face. "

Behind a closed door, the guy had heard her friends laughing. They probably crawled on the floor from such a joke, which, probably, conceived from the very beginning. This broke Anthony's heart. He returned to the limo and cried out all of his tears. Sitting in the backseat of the limousine, after some time, he came to himself and thought: well, you have a suit, so you can still go to the dance.

How wrong he was then. When he arrived for dancing, everyone began to applaud and laugh. The whole school laughed and scoffed at me when they found out what happened and how the girl humiliated me. It was terrible. I don’t wish anyone to survive this.

But that was not the end. Improper nutrition crippled guy's health. In 2014, the doctor warned Anthony that with such a diet he would probably have diabetes. And precisely, the failure in relationships with girls and fear for health became the motivation for changes. As the guy told about himself:

“I didn’t think that anyone would love me at all. I will be forever alone.”

First, the guy refused eating fast food, and then he gathered his will into a fist and the 157-kilogram guy went to the gym. Taunts continued in the gym, but Anthony had no way back. Since then, the guy threw off as much as 60 kg and changed greatly. Now, this guy weighs 90 kg and can boast with steel muscles. A few mon

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