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The DREAM of finding your PRINCE CHARMING (The Cold Hard Truth)

#fantasy #wakeup

HUMAN X | S11 - E9


with Gyan

The woman’s fantasy of finding PRINCE CHARMING is rampant. Finding a person who has infinite resources that she can leech onto, suck endlessly, and never have to grow up as a woman - by nature’s standards - is the pinnacle of her disease. This dream is deeply rooted and malicious - painful to all involved - and creates games of compensation and consumption that never leave her satisfied.  

The concept in its very nature is DISEASED - and comes from a PREDATOR + PREY dynamic: the predator can act sophisticated in her games, the prey can act manly and strong - but in the end she is simply hunting to DEVOUR - there is no love involved. She thinks she’s the most amazing person to walk the earth - without having ACHIEVED ANYTHING - or SERVING ANYONE. This is totally against nature’s Law and only functions within a society like our modern world.

In the end - little girls who don’t grow and develop themselves eventually become sick and embittered - they waste their time developing superficial hunting strategies and abandon their TRUE DEVELOPMENT as real mature WOMEN.

But if you face the FEAR of taking RESPONSIBILITY for your life you will be able to break out of a deeply rooted cycle of predator and prey games - and you can develop your TRUE CAPACITIES as women, grow in REAL POWER, and be of service to a GENUINE INTENT.

#Sexuality #Fantasies #HumanX

#LivingSpirituality #GyanTV 

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