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PODCAST: Taking YouTube's SJW "Inclusion" Course

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#youtubesucks #youtubepurge #censorship #sjw #politics

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I actually made a response video to the video that was provided as lesson 1 in this inclusive videos course:


By Smedlee

Pretty cringe right from the start.

By BitLuft

Glad you are talking more about sjw stuff, would be nice if you could make more political videos aswell like before, i´m bored by these flat earth stuff its just not a game changer thing because nobody cares.

By MerrimourTheRed

got my freind to help me , let me use her phone to verify my page ... thanks fer the intel mang ... now im jus looking for good instructional vids on hear aboot it ... not so much about the crypto aspects ... but just the platform itself ... walk throughs and such

By Nosat

Women only comprise 10.6% of the waste management and remediation services industry, we must fight with all our might to level this playing field!!!!!

By Nosat

Have you tried to link your LBRY account? Is it supported?

Can you link multiple YT accounts/channels in Airtime, if so you should link your container build channel.

By Plane of Norway

Hey Red! Greetings from Norway!! I saw your YouTube notification but when I tried to play it... gone it was.. This is ridiculous!! I have high hopes for BitTubers, still some work to be done with the streaming but I will continue to follow you on this platform anyway. Thank you for your insight and your integrity 

By Cipher-Tu Productions

Not all people who say "your being grabbled" are legitimate. Kudos on another great vid here, roganed down the shill tutorial on notsoyoutube. Looking forward to hearing your new theories pertaining to FE as mentioned on the first tri-stream vid last week.

By RedPillPhilosophy

Be sure to check out the BitTube Browser - I use it and am enjoying it:

👉 DOWNLOAD HERE: https://bittubeapp.com/?ref?2K3T7JJBT

You'll generate TUBE coins while browsing the internet, it's an interesting crypto/blockchain system that I find promising 👍👍