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This is a futuristic documentary from 1990 about the nascent Cyberpunx movement which was just developing at the time, and the general hacker culture in general.

The film centres around a young-looking William Gibson who wrote Neuromancer in 1984 and is credited with inventing the terms Cyberpunx and Cyperspace.

There are numerous quotes from Gibson’s works, and the film also features an interview with Timothy Leary who was presciently forecasting the smartphone 25 years before it happened.

The documentary tries to emulate the subject it is describing and includes many special effects, like screen-in-screen, cut outs, distorted overlays and so on.

There is an introduction to virtual reality, electronic communications, computer simulation, bio-engineering and much more in the film.

Some of the predictions made in the film and even demonstrated have made little headway in the nearly 30 years since the film was made. Others have turned more dystopian.

Have a look and see what the future might have looked like in an age before the internet. 

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