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@Amazing Glory & Grace...

That Chart 18:30 The Last Seven Years Explained (Daniel 9:27, Daniel 8:13, and more!)

The Bible tells us to "study the signs of the times." 


Bible prophecy can be overwhelming at times, but this video breaks down the last “week” of Daniel's Prophecy (known as the 70 week's prophecy) into simple terms. We may not yet know the exact hour of Christ's return, but we can know the season. Events and phrases like "abomination of desolation", "the Great Tribulation", and "the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem” fit neatly together in the context of Daniel's 70 weeks. They are also consistent with the spiritual concepts found in the teachings of Jesus.

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By jmpschoonbroodt

God bless you with : https://jeanschoonbroodt.vivaldi.net/2021/07/19/many-were-will-be-are-tested-and-tempted-concerning-666-already-now-and-in-near-future/