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@Atticus Herodes

Rant on Outsourcing things

Stop outsourcing your content, use social media to point towards your content, Have your own web site. Promote your content on your own webpage website.


This is a rant about out sourcing creative to third parties then complaining they lied over and over again to you for 7 years while attacking you,

We used to leave platforms that screwed us over. Be it GEnie, Angelfire Prodigy COmpuserve Aol the source BBS what ever we used to be on we left when we saw this coming. over the last ten years we seem to have been socialy engineered to take this abuse. and stay. Source music Derek Clegg Everyone in a while Attribution licence.

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By ShakmGaming

As a smalltime creator i'd love to have my own website and host my content over there (tried it a couple times) ! Unfortunately it's too costly (terrabytes of space for videos, hosting cost, mobile application etc) and i also think people / viewers nowadays really desire to find everything they need in one place, so they tend to use aggregation services like youtube, facebook etc. It kinda feels like the same change that happened with local stores moving to malls.