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@Saints of Yeshua

Where will you spend eternity? Sheol/Hades/Hell - The place of Punishment for sinners until Judgement day

Sheol four parts in it. One side called paradise for the Saints and the gulf is the outer darkness and the other part is the prison /pits and outer darkness for the sinners. the forth place is called Tartarus that holds the fallen angels until Judgement



  1. the Hebrew underworld, abode of the dead.

Hades [N] [B] [S]

that which is out of sight, a Greek word used to denote the state or place of the dead. All the dead alike go into this place. To be buried, to go down to the grave, to descend into hades, are equivalent expressions. In the LXX. this word is the usual rendering of the Hebrew sheol, the common receptacle of the departed ( Genesis 42:38 ; Psalms 139:8 ; Hosea 13:14 ; Isaiah 14:9 ). This term is of comparatively rare occurrence in the Greek New Testament. Our Lord speaks of Capernaum as being "brought down to hell" (hades), i.e., simply to the lowest debasement, ( Matthew 11:23 ). It is contemplated as a kind of kingdom which could never overturn the foundation of Christ's kingdom ( 16:18 ), i.e., Christ's church can never die.

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