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No Time To Die: The Business of Spies

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A tribute to Daniel Craig, James Bond, and the new 007: No Time To Die film.

What is one of oldest human occupations? You guessed it - spies, gathering intel, espionage! And because information about our enemies, about the world around us is so vital to our basic survival - spying quickly emerged as humanityโ€™s oldest occupation. As Sun Tzu said, if you think about it, the only way to get ahead in life, to crush your enemies and take the throne, youโ€™re gonna need foreknowledge - intelligence! So the million-dollar question becomes how do you go about getting said intel from other men? Letโ€™s learn the art of spycraft

Spycraft is one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented professions in the world. Espionage is all about collecting that juicy intel on our enemies. The first way to collect intel is Overtly through reading the newspapers, the press, and all the public information that comes out of an enemyโ€™s country. The clandestine intel collection, or espionage - the professional name for it, always has a place in this world

The โ€œessenceโ€ of espionage is access. You choose the objective of what intel you want to know about your enemy. You need to get an agent or some device close enough to the target, to get access to the target, to gather the intel you need. Your agent then has to deliver the intel to you without it getting lost or intercepted enroute.

There are five different types of spies: Native spies, Internal spies, Double agent spies, Expendable spies, and living spies. These types of spies have their limits. This is where plants come in.

Planted agents are agents that are somehow able to penetrate the target and stay there for an extended period of time. The only way to have planted agents today is either by using illegals or by turning someone whoโ€™s already on the inside. Your job is to simply learn a potential traitor's key pain points, and make them an offer they canโ€™t refuse.


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