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@LTK Aesthetics


✍️ Happy Halloween of 2018 y'all! Get your spook on 🎃


0:00 ABSRDST - The Cold Ruins of a Once Great City (Metroid Prime)

5:47 Mad Father - Old Doll [ Aqua ]

7:44 Goombette - Doopliss Boss Theme - Doni 

11:43 "Hide and Seek (Vocaloid) English Cover - Lizz Robinett 

14:02 Ghosts n Goblins (Haunted House Mix) - Dj CUTMAN 

17:15 This Is Halloween (Switching Vocals) 「Nightcore」

19:07 Dollhouse「Nightcore」- Nightcore Reality

22:21 Ghost Town Tag, You're It (Switching Vocals)「Nightcore」- Quentin Mashups

25:23 I Don't Wanna Die「Nightcore」- Satalin Nightcore

28:38 Infected「Nightcore」- Bloody Alice

31:27 Day of The Dead「Nightcore」- dirtyjokerz & dghgerman

Artists & Composers 🎻🎶

ABSRDST https://bit.ly/2IdLXFR

Aqua https://bit.ly/2UOKETH

Bloody Alice https://bit.ly/2KhAeYj 

Brave Wave https://bit.ly/2OWkwkl

DirtyJokerz & DGHgerman https://bit.ly/2VBlzZy

Dj CUTMAN https://bit.ly/2G8CtJs

Lizz Robinett https://bit.ly/1OZ53qs

GameChops https://bit.ly/2WVE9vn

Nightcore Reality (NCR) https://bit.ly/2FYWUY9

Satalin Nightcore https://bit.ly/2OYESth

Quentin Mashups https://bit.ly/2chDRYh

Background Art:

MagicnaAnavi https://bit.ly/2UmhhIG

Elemental79 https://bit.ly/2G8kUcp

LeonLampard https://bit.ly/2UodLgZ

Jupeboxgal https://bit.ly/2I5D6G1 

KumKrum https://bit.ly/2Z2z3Qb

Art-Zealot (Hayley) https://bit.ly/2UDSDCT 

yoshi66666666 https://bit.ly/2KjhK9U 

Orioto https://bit.ly/2Gc1m67

Arsenixc https://bit.ly/2GabaOQ 

frostwindz https://bit.ly/2U5lmvS

Dhex https://bit.ly/2OXIDiy

DarkS337 https://bit.ly/2WR4nz6

Ogch https://bit.ly/2Kk5tSL

sandara https://bit.ly/2VwdzsH 

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 📝 I do not own the music/background(s); all rights belong to their respective owners. 

 📧 Inquiries: lotustea1987@gmail.com  

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#Demented #Halloween #Mix

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