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Too Much Sex ALWAYS Leads To Disgust. Power Becomes The Ultimate Pleasure, Not Sex.

Someone somewhere on this rotten planet is sitting in his high castle watching two females butcher themselves to death. I just know it.

Too much sex ALWAYS leads to disgust. And these unimaginably wealthy banking class of men have reached that stage. They've fulfilled every twisted desire a man's brain can possibly have until there's nothing left but pure disgust towards intercourse. They eventually reached a stage where they're more interested in torturing and scorching the female body than making love to it.

It's the power they have over other human beings that gives them the ultimate pleasure, not sex itself anymore. They salivate over the sight of people fighting each other in cages for money. They orgasm while watching people humiliate themselves and sell their dignity for some paper with numbers on them. They drool over live videos of men and women being tortured in one of America's countless black sites, which are torture houses in which CIA agents and military personnel freely explore the depth of human torture and cruelty.

George Orwell described this in his nightmarish novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

This nightmare is ONLY possible thanks to the banking system we have today in which an unelected ruling class of people can print money limitlessly to enrich themselves while everyone else must be a wage slave (employee) working for them to enable their paradise, which is built on the hell of everyone else.

This scene is from a 2020 movie called Funhouse, and it gives you a glimpse into the twisted mind of the rich and powerful. Meanwhile, brainwashed idiots around the world applaud these rich people believing they're "good people." As if someone becomes a millionaire or a billionaire by sharing their wealth. The only way anyone can become rich by having MORE for oneself and LESS for everyone else.

An excess of hoarded wealth is the death of many. Applauding the billionaires of the planet is like cheering for poverty and misery.

Common sense is not so common nowadays.

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