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They Are The Reason Why You're Sick And Miserable

The political class doesn't exist to serve you. Politicians serve the banking class that puppeteers them.

Law enforcement doesn't exist to serve and protect you. Cops serve the political class, and their job is to enforce whatever politicians mandate. Think of cops like the private police of the political class.

The medical-industrial complex doesn't exist to keep you healthy and happy. Doctors serve the banking class who educated them and licensed them.

The military-industrial complex doesn't exist to protect the "homeland." The primary job of any military is to serve the interest of big corporations, which are always owned and controlled by the banking class.

The education system doesn't exist to educate you and enlighten you. The primary objective of the education system is to produce obedient conformist workers who just follow orders and fear the authorities. You go to school to succeed in life as a factory/office worker for the benefit of the banking class that controls the economy.

Religion doesn't exist to boost your spirituality and inner peace. The primary objective of any religion is to shit on spiritually and keep you in a constant state of fear and obedience to authorities. Through religion, you learn how to submit unquestionably. Through religion, you learn that your fate is always in the hands of a higher power and that you're too weak to save yourself by yourself unless a savior comes along and saves you.

The entertainment industry doesn't exist to entertain you but to entertain the banking class by destroying you. The primary objective of movies and music is to demoralize you, brainwash you, distract you, and destroy your life. The entertainment industry exists to weaken you and break your spirit. They have enough resources to bombard you with psychological operations to turn you into a dancing monkey for the pleasure and entertainment of the banking class.

The tech industry doesn't exist to sell you beneficial technology that maximizes your happiness and convenience. The primary objective of the tech mafia is to create products that act as survivance devices to rob you of your privacy and freedom for the benefit of the terrorist organization that you call government.

The centralized food production system doesn't exist to feed you healthy and nutritious food to keep you healthy and fit. The primary objective of the biggest food production companies is to produce poisoned food that's designed to cripple you for the benefit of the medical mafia.

The centralized water production corporations don't exist to deliver pure water into your home. The primary objective of centralizing your source of water in the hands of few corporations is to allow them to poison you secretly by adding fluoride and other toxins and heavy metals to destroy your health, skin, and hair.

This well-orchestrated nightmare has all become possible thanks to one and only one thing: central banks. They are the "invisible hand" that puppeteers everything and anything. They are the architects of every war and misery.

They are the reason why your family is broken and why your sister is a whore on Tinder and Instagram.

They are the reason why you're poor and miserable.

They are the reason why you must pay income taxes at gunpoint.

They are the reason why you don't have privacy within your own home or sovereignty under your own roof. They are the reason why cops can force their way into your house anytime they want. They are the reason why you pay property taxes. They are the reason why you don't really own your house and why the politicians can take it away from you anytime they want.

They are the reason why the world is such a horrible place to live in and why it'll continue to get worse.

The key to ending all this nightmare is to simply abolish all central banks and make debt as illegal and as abhorrent as rape and murder.

Abolish central banks, and we can build a heaven on Earth.

#MedicalIndustrialComplex #Fraudc

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