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How to recognize a reptilian jew .

By choosing science but not religions(Abrahamic-Semitic), No school will teach you this nowaday, By running Hierarchy but not proletariat, No school will teach you this nowaday, Including Genetics and heritage .

Your school? Only the Marxism/Communist equality bullshit left in your school, Make all the same, Share your property with them, To confuse your basic knowledge and your useless life, In the education of leftist, Marxism and communist, They will only praise and pity at their reptile jews,

And (They) will never tell you why we Genocide the reptile jews .

(They) Don't Want You To Remember Who You Are .

Blood And Genetic Is One Of The Heritage From Your Ancestor .

It's All Based On Race, If You're been confuse from your blood and Genetic, You will be confused by your root,

Including every specific traditional and Wisdom heritage from your ancestor that they don't have !!!

That's why (they) wanna to confuse you, That's why (they) want you to become equality with (them)(So they can climb above you easily),

That's why (they) don't want you to talk about race and censoring/banned you .

That's why (they) wanna mix your blood with (their) inferior blood and to ensure your next generation gradually to become dumb ass, So (they) can be more easily to manipulate it, And when (they) have manipulated your race, (They) manipulated the world .

Therefore Racist is matter, Because this is the only weapon that (they) cannot fight back 卐

That because You are an Noble Aryan who the most powerful enemy to them .

The school of communist/antifa race such as the reptilian jews/chinese/russian(slavic)/black nigger or muslim teachers, The school of alLIES teachers, The school of bolshevik etc etc, (They) will never tell you this untold sciencetific things, You can only taught by the Deutsches Reich 卐 school .


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