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1. https://www.joshwhotv.com/v/38839

2. https://drop.space/v/RvBOU8

3. https://www.bitchute.com/video/6qknPxoT8XTX/

4. https://bittube.tv/post/82a4e7d3-f964-4a3c-a230-45a2e6b85acc

Popular Qanon videos and memes promoting Donald Trump as a superhero fighting against child trafficking, are running all over the internet, videos misusing a little Palestinian minor girl from Gaza, who is really the victim of a very stressful situation with endless war and bombardments from the Israeli military, who don't seem to care much about the children of others, as all are the children of God. After seeing those Qanon videos, with only a very simple picture search investigation online, I easily found the truth about that little girl, who's got nothing to do with child trafficking. I wish people should think twice and do their own critical thinking research, before re-posting lies and misleading information, especially if it involves minors, who are all suppose to be protected; And personally associating Trump in this scandal, only makes things even worse. As much as real child abuse needs to end, Qanon hijacking of the human and child trafficking problem with fake political videos, it just destroys any credibility, and only serve to undermine any real effort to protect children. I'm not calling for censorship, but instead for people to use their own brains, rather than letting others manipulate them like gullible sheep.

PS: Already the Qanon movement has been used by Antifa and BLM in the Washington Capitol false flag affair, where all activists dressed up as Trump and Q supporters, were let in by local police faking their job and opening the gates to them; And these days absolutely any lunatic idiot can claim to be of, or in the name of Q, and do or say anything, where the Q information loses all credibility in my view... What next, the Q Army? This Q thing is becoming more of a diversion, a piece of decoding sci-fi type entertainment guessing game, rather than any serious information. Q is just some user code name in some message board, and nothing more, putting out a few already publicly known truths, mixed in with tons of BS.

#Qanon #PandaEyes #ChildTrafficking #Adrenochrome #ChildAbuse #Q

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