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Islam IS RIGHT About Women

Someone printed out flyers and posted them in Winchester, Massachusetts, a couple of years ago. The flyers have only 5 words printed on them in black: "Islam IS RIGHT About Women."

The females of the area were outraged, but they don't know why. They admitted that they're not sure what the flyers meant exactly, but they felt offended, and they demanded all flyers to be put down immediately. They even reported the incident to the police!

One lady wrote on social media that she's all for free speech, but she thinks silencing speech she disapproves of is okay. From that perspective, the prankster who hung the flyers has revealed extreme hypocrisy with those who oppose oppression but welcome it when it fits their worldview. It's also possible that this stunt was part of a campaign to silence speech by demonizing this act and future acts similar to it as "hateful" and must be stopped.

Legally speaking, of course, the content of the flyers is constitutionally protected speech regardless of the snowflakes offended by it and calling it "hate speech."

So what was the prankster's intention with the flyers? The fck I know! 🤣

It seems like a prank. Why else would the prankster pick a white Christian neighborhood in a country that's so anti-Islam that it makes Hitler's hatred towards Jews seems superficial! We're talking about a country that branded Muslims with terrorism and is currently bombing the fck out of them in a forever war designed to butcher them, torture them, humiliate them, enslave them, and impoverish them indefinitely.

America's War Of Terror ("war on terror" in doublespeak) is specifically aimed against Muslims. It's designed to be a forever war, and it's currently taking place in the Muslim nations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. The American government is estimated to have killed at least 3.1 MILLION Muslims in these countries alone.

As for torture, just research the term "black site." A black site is a CIA-operated secret torture prison for Muslims where CIA agents and military personnel freely explore the depth of human torture and cruelty. The unspeakable torture that takes place in these torture houses against Muslims is beyond belief.

So back to the prank in Winchester, the Christian females who were offended by the flyers wouldn't mind at all putting on a uniform and torture Muslim men and women to death in one of America's countless torture houses around the world, but they sure don't like it when they see a flyer in their neighborhood with a religious opinion on it about Islam.

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