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Globebusters got Duped by a Totally Wrong Flat Earth Map

The Globusters mirrored to a video of a guy trying to calculate distances using the Geason's map. Are his calculations correct? We'll find out.

Original videos getting all the distances wrong:


Repackaging of the original videos with incorrect distances:


Globebusters mirror of embarrassing repackaged video:


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By Itslegaltothink

Maybe FE does not have an accurate map, but nor do the standard heliocentric model!! Like at all!! No measurable curvature, no measurable movement or rotation, NO INDICATION that the earth is round, still globetards insist they have a "working map" while they are at all times traveling on a flat plane.. Attacking FE for not having an accurate map while yourself have WAY LESS of an accurate map is just stupid and silly, just like the globe theory