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The New Era of Free Speech & Free Internet Is Beginning!

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YouTube Purge, flat earth, blockchain, BitTubers, COPPA, commercially viable

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By Madzguy007

What happened to your bitchute account?

By Godlovingscientist

Nice one Red Pill. Keep up the good work bro. I'm just starting out a channel, what do you think of the name God loving scientist?

By Flat earth is retarded

The New Era of Scam Artists, Conning The Dumb & Spreading Pure Ignorance To The Masses Is Beginning!

By taramcanelly

Found you Stay Flat You high IQ bastard with the fabulous stash😁

By Peter Flat

Congratulations! Fuck jewtube, Earth is flat, and sandy hoax is still a fuckin' HOAX

By Earth is flat


By Jess WestEnd

just subscribed and screw YouTube

By tinfoilhatter

hey, tuberz! pillers'n'spillerz!

By Eric

Yeahh boiii, fuuuuck fuck fuuuuuuuck lol

By PhildeForce

Its because of your YT message that i came here. I want to know about FE so i hope this is the way to go. Peace Brother