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Whenever You Hear A Jew Whining About WW2, Just Show Them This Video

Whenever you hear a Jew whining about WW2, just show them this video. You're looking at Jewish colonists punishing and enslaving a Palestinian boy while Jews bomb Gaza and its people with American-made missiles using American-made fighter jets.

Every fiction you heard about the Holocaust, which is mostly a fabrication, is being done TODAY for real by the Jews of Israel against Palestinians and against Muslims everywhere.

And while the world is busy with the scamdemic, Jews are now busy stealing more land in Palestine and lanching a military land invasion of Gaza to terrorize Palestinians and steal what's left of their homes and property.

It's worth noting that Israel has no official national border but only armistice lines. Why? Because the mission of the Zionist regime is to establish "Greater Israel" by colonizing ALL of the Middle East, which allegedly was promised to the Jewish descendants of the god-sent real estate agent Abraham according to Jewish novels.

And it doesn't end there either! The long-term plan of the Zionist regime is a New World Order in which Greater Israel rules ALL nations on Earth. According to the Talmud, all Gentiles will become slaves to the Jews when the prophecized "day of days" comes in which Jews would "rule all nations with a rod of iron."

World domination by Zionists is neither a theory nor an opinion but a fact that's clearly documented in the Talmud. Since long ago, Zionists have already fulfilled this hateful Talmudic prophecy of world-domination through Zionist Central Banks and their slavery-based fiatmoney because EVERY country on Earth now has a Zionist Central Bank except for Cuba, Iran, and Syria. However, this Zionist New World Order agenda aims at transforming this economic and financial hegemony into a Nazi-like military occupation of ALL countries of the world.

Unlike today, there'll be no doubt at all who rules the world when the New World Order comes to fruition.

It was the Zionists who destroyed the three World Trade Center buildings in New York City by pre-planted explosives ushering a Zionist War Of Terror (War On Terror in doublespeak) against Muslims everywhere. The objective was to demonize Muslims everywhere as terrorists, so it becomes easier for Israel/America to colonize more territory in the Middle East under the guise of fighting terrorism.

It's the Zionist banking class who ordered their Indian puppet government to reduce Kashmir into an open-air concentration camp for Muslims a couple of years ago, just like the Israelis did to Palestine.

On the orders of the Zionist banking class, the CCP is rounding up millions of Muslims in China TODAY into concentration camps (Vocational Education and Training Centers) where they are humiliated, indoctrinated, enslaved, tortured, and butchered.

But the oppression of Muslims by Indian and Chinese authorities is part of a larger holocaust by Zionists against Muslims around the globe. America's War Of Terror is specifically aimed against Muslims. It's designed to be a forever war, which is currently taking place in the Muslim nations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. The American government is estimated to have killed at least 3.1 MILLION Muslims in these countries alone.

A black site is a CIA-operated secret torture prison for Muslims where CIA agents and military personnel freely explore the depth of human torture and cruelty. The unspeakable torture that takes place in these torture houses against Muslims is beyond belief.

There's a global holocaust against Muslims by Zionists happening NOW, and journalists are being silenced and barred from talking about it by Zionist-owned corporate media.

Because truth is treason in the empire of lies.

#ZionismIsTerrorism #IsraelDefenseForces #IDF #Palestine #PalestineDeniers #PalestineDenier #JewishColonialism #IsraeliColonialism #TheEmpireOfZion #Zion #Zionism #Zionist #Zionists #GreaterIsrael #JewishState #Israel #JewsOfIsrael #ZionistSta

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