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Body Language - Trump Response To Iran's US Strikes

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By sovos

I just donated 4.2 TUBEs ($ 0.04 USD)

By Nosat

lol, starts of with a fear hoax (nukes) then tells us no Americans were harmed after a missile attack on American military bases. I'm surprised he didn't mention the perfect execution of the moon landing....

We have taken out the most evil demon in all of the world... this is all nectar to boomer ears ;) This speech is pure fear based mind control and emotional appeal for child like minds.

The Nuclear Weapon Hoax


By Cryptoversity

I also think there is a chance Tucker Carlson had something to do with this improved attitude as, for the last year, he has been awesome. The most honest person in any MSM. Iran played this very well, they knew that (despite DNC and GOP warmongers, sabre rattling) that it was retarded to attack Iran for shooting down an unmanned drone that was invading their airspace.....so they knew this would allow them to look tough while giving Trump an easy out for de-escalation

By Cryptoversity

I think we can safely say , Trump will get elected for another 4 years and stave off whichever candidate the DNC force upon their blind-loyalists; I just hope he stands up to these scumbag warmongers on his side of the fence.......unless they stop blocking Tulsi, she has the potential to give him a tight battle if they stop their MSM blocking her existence.

By Cryptoversity

Now that the neocons who fooled Trump into potentially starting a huge war have had time to be second guessed, and Iran was able to piss on a wall to mark their territory without killing any Americans; Trump can go back to being a measured person without having to challenge his own ego while also doing what he said he would do. This is a sad day for both DNC Neoliberals and GOP NeoCons tat are both owned by Raytheon and Lockheed... make no mistake.