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@John doorman



"Aliens and the Bible - Prophetic Signs" explores the questions: "are aliens real?" and are aliens coming to Earth?

When Jesus returns after the Great Tribulation in what could be seen as a starship, otherwise known as the New Jerusalem, most of the world will be deceived into believing that He (and those following Jesus Christ) are aliens coming to destroy the planet.

This video explores how people are already being conditioned, through films like Independence Day, to view the return of Jesus in a fearful light. The majority will end up wanting to kill Christians who know ahead of time what will happen, leading to Christian persecution worldwide which climaxes in The Battle of Armageddon.

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By marioos

Las películas Independence Day  o como se llamen… abusan de la imaginación de los cristianos para VENDER, ningún cristiano debe tomar en serio la fantasía del mundo.


The Independence Day movies or whatever they are called ... abuse the imagination of Christians to SELL, no Christian should take the fantasy of the world seriously.