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THIS IS A LINK TO MY ELVIS CHANNEL ON YOU TUBE ⚡ THE KING TCB - TLC ⚡ PLEASE VISIT IT'S FREE --- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZb2aTuo6w7Un3CJaA8sVHw/videos --- TCB ⚡TLC

'Concha Time' features Elvis wearing the famous 'Concha' Suit with footage from two Dinner Shows edited to form one complete show. Strictly Limited To 250 Copies, this DVD for the first time presents fans with all film in true WIDESCREEN, which gives a great new feel to both the official footage and unreleased film*.

Unlike the 'TTWII Complete Shows' set, (which is still a must have) here you get ONE Elvis instead of multiple angles, which didn't get you 'into' the show. Also some hard to find angles have been used to give it a totally new experience! (* unreleased clips on previous releases were all in 4:3 ratio)

'Concha Time' has everything I love about the movie, 'That's The Way It Is', PLUS lots of what we would all wish was actually in the film. Talk about 'Hot Shots & Cool Clips' this DVD has it all from Elvis Presley in Las Vegas 1970.

Importantly to me, it is a (full) CONCERT EVENT.

Like the original film (including the Special Edition) this is a compilation, but with Elvis in the one (concha) suit the DVD in a way never seen before manages to present to us a complete full concert - an event - which is in many ways is much more satisfying to watch, giving this DVD an extra attraction not otherwise available.

There is a combination of three sources for the film. That which we have on the official DVD, plus the 'chonca' content from 'The Lost Performances DVD', and then taken from the hours of film from the 'TTWII The Complete Shows DVD'. The last source does have 'Property of Turner' acros the bottom, which frankly always annoyed me in the past spoiling the view, but HERE it does not as it is mixed in, thus giving a break between this and the regular film, in fact I found myself focused more and appreciating more viewing the great content that I would otherwise never get to see (View the preview clip below and you will get a clear idea of what I am saying).

But setting that asside, what are the highlights? Equally to me simply watching Elvis in top quality as you can on any DVD is special here. But then watching some amazing officially unreleased performances, and revealing in between song banter is surreal. And BOTH combined requires a superlative I can't think of right now.

With the 'in between song banter' several times we get to - see - for the first time what Elvis was in fact talking about ('thanks for the lamb Mary') that we could only ever wonder about while listening to records and or CD before today!!!.


Not only is the 'Widescreen' significant in itself, but it adds an important touch to the continuety of the film, partly helping in the overall full concert, event, apearance.

The bonus August 13, 1970 section is a nice addition, but it was a smart move to keep it separate, only because this alowys for the viewing delight of the one concert event with the main content, (From August 11 and 12, 1970).

NO fan will be disappointed in the release, it has it all, and I doubt it will leave your player for some time.

August 13, 1970 : 'Raising The Bar'

(all tracks August 13, 1970 Dinner Show)

Don't Cry Daddy

In the Ghetto

Stranger in the Crowd

Make the World Go Away

All Shook Up

The Wonder of You

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