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THE TIME MACHINE - film part

THE TIME MACHINE (film part)- The discovery of terrible secret

At the sound of the Eloi siren, as they are mesmerized, they leave the temple underground, where the Morlocks will slaughter them and eat raw meat. Their young bodies symbolize souls that are underdeveloped, easy to adapt, and accept everything as normal. When George asks them what is going on, they answer: It s all clear - Everything is clear, but only he realizes that it is not normal that they live and die like cattle. Let's draw a parallel with this world. Thousands of human souls descend daily from the higher world (temple) into physical bodies without knowing anything about the causes of aging, disease and death. If you compare the condition of the Eloi race with today's world, you see that more and more people resemble them. they won't eat the cannibals though, but they're actually cheating, because what the movie portrays as a physical event today is a higher-level reality. Scientists have told the story that the physical body collapses due to free radicals that create poisons in cells and destroy tissue. Mysticism reveals an invisible secret. Every day, your living energy is consumed by retarded beings from the parallel world (they eat yourself) like Morlok eat Eloi.

The consequence of extracting energy is that the restoration of energy during sleep is no longer sufficient to maintain the physical, so illness and death come. In the old age, God sought from man a sacrificial burnt offering, and today, because of greater deviations, he seeks human and superhuman sacrifice, so it is always worth saying: Give the god of God and the Emperor the Emperor. The act of Easter shows the way out. Jesus on the cross receives Vis Vitalis energy, which transforms the physical into an immortal form that cannot be consumed by seducers (Morlocks). Man cannot save the physical with his sacrifice, but he can save the soul. Moral life transforms the soul in the higher world and frees man from serving the retarded beings. After the betrayal of Judas, Peter had to renounce three conditions: procreation, non-aging, and immortality, but the teacher gave him the task; what you fresh on earth remains bound in the higher world and what you resolve here becomes free and worse. The undeveloped from the lower worlds descend into this world where the backward angels and archangels (who are above man) give them a different consciousness (self-consciousness) through reason and feeling. In doing so, they are given a certain freedom of choice that they do not have in Paradise. You have a picture of the events described in mythology (Aeneid) when Eneas asks his father why so many of them drink "water of oblivion" to go from Elisha to Earth hell. According to spiritual laws, they seek through the sacrifice of descent their path of development of consciousness (spirit). Others also go to physical bodies to buy up some debts (rich) or to help others. Through breathing, in the old age, the Lord received spiritual light for the higher worlds. PS:The oxygen we breathe in is absorbed by the blood as food for the cells of the body that release energy (heat). In ancient times, Yahweh received spiritual light for the higher worlds. After the wedding in Cana, lower beings (Lucifer and Satan) come to the place of Yahweh and rule the chemical (lower ether).

 That is why it is so important today for people to bring Christ's powers of light (higher) ether and maintain their own lungs. By accepting the cross (pain) that is given to you, you release (create) the energy of love that nourishes the gods. Those with prior knowledge may request additional information.


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