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The Beautiful Ones

One of the most popular tracks from the second album "Welcome To Your Life".

This song refers to those groups of extremely happy looking people that you often see around at places like coffee shops and asks whether they are really as happy as they seem on the surface or is a lot of it a front?


I sat outside and watched the beautiful ones

They always seem to be having more fun

I wanna know, is it just a facade?

Underneath it all their life is just as hard

They seem so confident and full of joy

I wanna know if it`s just a ploy

Is it all just fake reality?

They must have demons the same as me

They are the beautiful ones and I wanna know

Do they suffer like me?

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By CapDragon9

Ooo that was actually really good and upbeat I especially liked the electric guitar sounding thing lol. Pretty cool how when you play it it shows the sound waves, a very cool touch!

By winkandwoo.

This is a Beautiful One !

By whymonkey

wonderful track! masterfully produced

By mrrick

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