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Why are democrat cities failing? Easy answer!

Why are they broke? In debt? Violent? Easy answer here folks, just look at the corruption in DC and you have your answer. The same graft, the same mismanagement, the same top-down authoritarian control. Whatever the feds do, these pockets calling themselves Seattle, Baltimore, Portland, Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta, Etc, do the same. They don’t resent DC, they want to be DC. Where the feds do it on a country wide level, these microcosms of legislators do on a state level. The population centers exist to control the rural areas and tell them how to live. Values be damned. Morals be dammed. We are the centers of our borders and you will do what we say. And considering the dysfunction in Washington, would you expect any less of the states?! ThePodocasts can be found right here or at www.thepodocasts.com for other goodies, please pop in for a look! Our videos will be going out every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday! Guys Gun Shop - https://www.facebook.com/The-Gun-Shop-1260985270715315/ and 10 percent off if you mention ThePodocasts! Timebomb2000 - Our forum of choice for political news and opinion! https://www.timebomb2000.com I can be reached directly at Scott@ThePodocasts.com for cheers or jeers and our producer can be reached directly at Bella@ThePodocast.com Instagram: @TheDarkSideofThePodocasts Twitter: @ThePodocasts Parler: @ThePodocasts

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