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Coming 2019: Community Moderation System

The bulk of actual post moderation (regarding copyright/inappropriate/other reports) will be handled by the Community Moderation System (CMS). It will be an open-participation, distributed voting system to process tickets and earn rewards in XP and TUBE. Experienced Site Moderators and Admins will make sure that the Community Moderators are applying the guidelines properly.

Read more in the 'About' section.

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By Specter

When can we start seeing this product to be able to test drive and use it. If we find a habitual spammer id think there be a way to permanently block the shit stain?

By nederob

Community moderation sounds nice, but it won't work. People should be rewarded. For example, you found a video for copyright infringement, when mods approve. You and the mods will be rewarded in TUBE. False reports result in a fine / ban.

By Specter

If I get say 30 of my friends and we go out post hunting and all vote down something, that can be an issue. What will be in place to prevent that. Yes experienced mods but that can eat up a LOT of manhours.

By Specter

This looks very promising. It allows us to take care of issues right away. I can see it being abused though. You get a group, oh lets call that group intolerant snowflakes who will flag everything they don't like and gang up on it.

By viraldrome

Moderation is unfortunately essential. Steemit has one account mass spamming their system, like 50 thousand posts a day and they can't stop it