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@The Jesus Revolution

# 2: LOOK NOW!!! How The Simplest Teaching of Jesus challenge our Social Conscience!!!

With his message of love and radical faith in God, Jesus truly was a social revolutionary that questioned and challenged not only the religious and politic system, but also our social conscience. It is time to get back to the simplicity of what Jesus taught and simply obey Him... there is a whole new eternal kingdom to build in this earth with Him!

This is video # 2 of the series on the teachings of Jesus.

You probably have not heard before this teaching from Jesus that it is so simple to understand and easy to put into practice, but yet it is not being practiced in almost any church today. What Jesus teaches about true respect for God is a basic command, but what Jesus and Christianity teach today seem to conflict even with this genuine teaching. This is not a "hidden" teaching of Christ because it has not been published, but remains hidden from the view of most people because religious traditions blind the simplicity of obeying God in this commandment.

After seeing and recognizing how easy it is to obey this teaching, many will choose to remain faithful to the system of respectability in this world ... but as Jesus said "he who is faithful in little, is faithful in much also"... What are YOU going to do you with this "little" teaching of Jesus?

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