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The Dragon Awakes

China is on the rise and it's crueller than ever. What will the world be like in the years to come if China continues gaining power?

#China #Cruel

What do you think about innocent people being killed for organs? Conspiracy fact: a tiny number of Chinese people are on the official donor registry to offer their organs yet tens of thousands of organs are being sold for profit in China each year. This video speaks out against the shocking money-making racket going on inside China - arguably the world's most powerful country - and home to illegal organ harvesting on a massive scale. According to a growing body of evidence, innocent people, like Falun Gong practitioners, whose beliefs run contrary to the Chinese communist party, have been labeled as criminals and put in detention centres, labour camps and prisons across the country. Prisoners can then be killed on demand and their organs harvested for lucrative profits when rich Westerners in need of transplants travel to China looking for replacement organs. Will you turn a blind eye (like most of the world does) to this crime against humanity or join us in speaking out? Please copy and share this video with others.

*** End Time Survivors is a movement preparing people for something called "The Great Tribulation". We welcome contributions from others. Check out other videos on our channel [https://goo.gl/oTZPJj] and visit our website for more information.http://www.endtimesurvivors.comPlease subscribe to stay informed as we upload more videos each week. [Subscribe! https://goo.gl/KkFxPC]

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