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(October 11th, 2020) That's why we gonna genocide all these antifa-communist gay ass feminist zionist shit

(October 11th, 2020)

The alLIES love the antifa-communist gay ass feminist shit since world war 1, Now they have it, The fun fact is, Both are the freemasonry .

Well, In the U.S rule (Whether you are a jew, Or you with jew) to became a president in the U.S, That's the reptiles freemason's rule,

Whatever you like it or not,

So, If any Goyim don't do so, Just like me in vk or Minds now has block my post to prevented it show in the public on the other social network, To me is just showing the truth,

But to (them) is too toxic,

You know the reptiles chinese/jews/russian(slavic)/nigger/muslim, (They) all are always don't love the German/Japanese's Gas .

((A little warm reminder to you guys,

U.S attack their own old soldiers on pearl harbor themselves,

To blame on Japanese to start the war with japan and to help the reptiles commie chinese(asian jew)/jews !

Aren't your 33 degree reptiles freemason grand members don't tell you these plan?))

Now i know why they are so mad about Trump, He looks like he so pro the reptile jews,

But actually since he get into the White house,

The massacre of the reptile jews and antifa-communist in the U.S has significantly increased and none stop until now,

That's how i know he is with us behind the camera, That's the great news to me, Well done .

And never forget he is a German, You know the U.S always said (they) has won the war, Well, We just lose a battle with the outnumber of enemies, We don't lose the war, After World War 2,

Why don't you tell to the world, What did you see after the World War 2?

Is that something again that you cannot tell to the world?Huh?

Just go ahead and tell the world what you've recorded in your top classified files, Also, Tell to the world above the 4th dimensions in currently what have you see, I dare you,

Well, So,

From the Silence War until now ! Life after life, We have never stop, Until the red dragons and their alLIES falling down, And we march to the Golden Age, You know it .

So, You know, After it, Still, The German people are own your U.S, And sitting in your white house to genocide your reptiles jews, That's including the reptiles chinese(asian jew)/russian(slavic)/nigger/muslim commie pals,

That's the fact, That's why these reptiles freemasonry are mad at Trump .

Plus, He's secretly helping so many German Aryan, That is what i can see, And he love India too(Including the Swastika), So i knew behind the camera what he has did, So i'm still support him, But only 80% trust on him, And i'll leave 20% for just in case he turn his shit back to us .

So, Don't worry in your vote Trump,

India know how to do, We'll have your back, And you sure will win,

All you need to do is Spreading out the truth that (they don't want you to say), And you should get ready to focus on destroy the reptile chinese first, Then the reptiles jews/russian(slavic)/nigger/muslim .

You see this video now?

We Axis Power cannot tolerate these things happen since world war 2 !!!

So, U.S,

Whether you execute your retarded terrorist antifa/communist by yourself,

Or we will do it for you right before or after the World War 3 start

or after we conquered you in the future,

Just as we did before on public, You have only two choices,

So, The choices is your,

And, You should change your flag to Swastika flag soon .

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