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Tyrants do not care about the law.

They will ignore, twist, abuse, usurp and simply change the laws to suit their needs.

Laws mean nothing to a tyrant, they think they are better than the people and their laws.

Tyrants think they are above the law or that they ARE the law.

History has proven this to us time and time again, unfortunately.

Tyrants do not care about the people.

To them, the people are to be enslaved, subdued and used to further the tyrants power.

History has also proven this to us time and time again as well.

You can not reason with a tyrant, you can not carry out a civil, intellectual conversation with a tyrant.

To them you are nothing, and just better obey or else.

Since a tyrant does not care about laws (since they both, are and above, the law) attempting to have any discussion about anything they disagree with is simply a useless act that will probably get you severely punished for daring to question the tyrant.

Protests, Sit In's, Marches, Petitions, E-mails, etc. mean NOTHING to a tyrant. Remember, for any of that to actually work, the person has to care about rule and order, and YOU. We already know that a tyrant doesn't care about you or your petty little rules.

A tyrants mindset is, I know what your little rules are and I don't care what they say, I am going to do what I want until someone stops me.

The only thing that will truly stop a tyrant and send a strong message to other would be tyrants to change their ways, is a bullet.

History has also shown us this fact, time and time again.

You know who the tyrants are.

You know where the tyrants are.

True freedom was NEVER E V E R freely given to a people.

The people always have had to TAKE their freedom for themselves.

Foolishly burning down your cities, towns and villages does NOT stop a tyrant, nor grant freedom, it only empowers the tyrant.

You already KNOW what stops a tyrant.

Don't lay waste to your own, claiming it's to rid the tyrant.

How badly do you want to be free?

How late is too late?

Your freedom is in YOUR hands, and yours only.

Go forth smartly, and be FREE.

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