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@Big Brother

On This Veterans Day, Listen To An Iraq War Veteran

On this Veterans Day, listen to an Iraq War veteran.

The ugly truth is that politicians and the Military-Industrial Complex don't care about the 17-year-olds they ship away to die for the benefit of Corporate America's interests.

Today, around 40,000 veterans are homeless and abandoned on American streets. And 20 veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY! Their country betrayed them and left them to starve and die in the cold streets of the country they killed for based on lies.

The military takes 17-year-old kids and crushes their spirit and character turning them into mindless automatons with one purpose and one purpose only: to kill on command. The military produces heartless killers who simply follow orders and don't have a single original thought in the few cubic centimeters of brain cells inside their thick heads.

ONLY true brainwashed idiots join the military and allow themselves to be humiliated, abused, insulted, and kicked around like garbage by their superiors. After an idiot joins the army, he/she is not a human being anymore. He/she is just a boot, which is always ready to be kicked around into battlefields to murder poor people like himself/herself in impoverished countries for the benefit of America's corporations.

The military of ANY country is a monstrosity that creates monstrosities. It's time to grow a brain. No matter which country you're in, you should use your brain for a moment and realize that the military is a terrorist organization for death and destruction. The brainless idiots who join the military should be shamed, ridiculed, and disavowed.

So what did these brainless veterans fight for? They fought for a terrorist organization called the United States government for the benefit of its corporations and banking class. That's what they really fought for, you brainless shameless sheeple!

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