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Dead or Alive 6 - DoA Quest

Quick Showcase/Preview of the other, more interesting, single player exclusive mode in the game - DoA Quest. 

Now, if you played the first Injustice game, you might recognise this as a somewhat watered down version of the STAR Labs Mode wherein you end up in a pre-determined fight between two (sometimes more) characters or a fight against a series of Characters in a Survival Mode format, and to get all the stars, you have to do the challenges that the game asks you two (i.e. Perform a certain move, do X amount of damage in one combo, do a thing Y amount of times etc) for the opportunity to win prizes - those prizes being costume points (what you get from this is pure RNG, so don't be expecting to get the costume you want straight away unless you're super lucky or something) and in-game currency to buy said costumes (as well as other things like Titles for Online and new BGMs) which is a stupid system to use.

Granted, a couple of people may disagree on the comparison I make with DoA Quest and Injustice's Star Labs mode, I have played both of these game modes and feel they are similar to each other, hence why I personally am comparing them to each other...

I miss unlocking stuff just by playing Arcade/Time Attack/Survival modes... those times were fun... for the most part... *Glares at DoA4*

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