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#EpsteinMurder The man was killed, everyone knows that. Now everyone wants to blame the Clintons for it. While it is entirely possible they had something to do with it, one must remember that this man had dirt on a LOT of influential people with a lot of power and money. If it was not the Clinton's there were many others who would just as happily had the act done as well to protect themselves.

Whether the Clintons did it or not, it was going to happen, and whomever did the actual hiring of the hit man, they had the blessings and probably the financing of several others to assist them. I guarantee they also have the protection of these people too, because if one goes down, they all risk going down.

Also, with this said, this is not just a 'Hillary' thing anymore. With all the others involved, we will probably never know who did it, there are too many high value names at risk with that info.

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