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Kobe Bryant dies in a helicopter crash.

Tragic, yes, but come on already people, get a fucking grip.

People die every day in crashes, car crashes, plane crashes, motorcycle crashes etc. and NO it's not their fault either.

We don't hear everyone going stupid and crying like idiots over these crashes do we? Why not?

The man played basketball, it's not like he actually did something that actually contributed to the betterment of mankind or was a real hero somewhere. He was a sports figure that's all. At best, his contributions to mankind was that he provided entertainment to some people, as a distraction for a while, while him and others handling him made millions if not billions off of it.

You want to know what's tragic?

Oh Kobe died, wah boo hoo boo hoo, waah waah Kobe died Waah... oh yah, and some other people died with him, but Oh WAAH, Kobe died, waah boo hoo.

The tragedy is the other 6 or 7 people who also died and nobody gives a shit really. How do you think their families feel? Do you think their families are saying, oh yes, my son died, but OH so did Kobe, we need to mourn him, our son is not that important..

Am I in his will? No, ok, then his death is not important, move on, there will be more people dying in crashes later on today. It just happens.

Why were they flying in such bad weather anyways? What was so important? Darwin Award here? We can hope so.

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By StevenBabcock

yea it is so sad that he died he was my favorite basketball player😭😭😭😭😭😭😭